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Reach Education Action Programme (REAP) proposes the establishment of an EcoSTEM Centre with Art Integration for tribal children, working in collaboration with government schools.

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Highway Access

Raigad district benefits from excellent highway connectivity. It is well connected to major cities like Mumbai and Pune through More.

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Government School

The Raigad cluster has a significant number of government schools, providing a ready pool of students who can benefit from the More.

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Cultural Significance

Raigad district is renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage, with landmarks like the majestic Raigad Fort an More.

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Potential Collaboration

Raigad district provides opportunities for collaboration with local industries, research institutions, and universities. More.

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Environmental Diversity

Raigad district is blessed with diverse ecosystems, including forests, coastal areas, and hilly regions More.

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Tourism Potential

Raigad's cultural significance and natural beauty can attract tourists. The EcoSTEM and Art Centre can capitalize on this potential by More.

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Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Consider offering scholarships and financial assistance to underprivileged tribal students, ensuring that the More.

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Technology Integration

Incorporate modern technology and digital resources into the curriculum to prepare students for the digital age andMore.

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Collaborative Approach

Engage with local government schools, identifying children for EcoSTEM. Partner with teachers, align curricula, and conduct collaborative events for shared learning..

Science Lab

The Science Lab is furnished with apparatus, chemicals, and specimens, fostering hands-on experiments and practical skill development across physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental sciences for students.

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Technology Lab

The Technology Lab focuses on hands-on activities related to technology and engineering. It can include computers, software, microcontrollers, robotics kits, 3D printers, and other tools. Students can learn programming, electronics, engineering design, and problem-solving skills

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Engineering Lab

The Engineering Lab offers students a platform for engineering projects and design challenges, featuring tools like workbenches, power tools, soldering stations, and circuitry components. It encourages innovation, critical thinking, and the practical application of engineering principles.s

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Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Lab facilitates interactive learning experiences for students to explore mathematical concepts through manipulatives, puzzles, games, and technology-based tools. It encourages students to develop problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and mathematical thinking.

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Sustaining Culture, Nurturing Minds: Uniting for EcoSTEM and Arts
Empowering Tribal Youth Through Education, Culture, and Innovation: Join Us in Our Journey of EcoSTEM and Art Integration

Real Engineering Components

March. 15th 21

We teach about the fundamentals of Mechanics by building machines with real engineering components like gears,

STEM Learning

March. 15th 21

Our STEM learning starts with the foundations of physics, electricity, mechanics, electronics, etc.

widespread campaign

March. 15th 21

A widespread campaign bringing education to underprivileged communities in Mumbai and rural areas.

Education Recognizing

March. 15th 21

Established to ensure every child's access to education, recognizing its pivotal role in national development.

Real Life Working Projects

March. 15th 21

Then dispenses the sugar syrup, water and finally the stirrer that drops down to stir the drink, right before the arm delivers the glass.

Teaching Staff

March. 15th 21

TTT programs available. EcoSTEM teachers stationed in your school

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